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 “Out of The Most Challenging Times come The Most Beautiful Things”
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Benjamin Fulford – July 20, 2015: The cabal is being systematically dismantled so “Just watch as it unfolds,” Pentagon says.

This is what a top Pentagon person has to say about the ongoing take-down of the Khazarian mafia: “Just Watch is as it unfolds. You will be tempted to get a pitchfork ready here and there but, just leave it in the closet. All should be accomplished without a shot being fired if everything goes according to plan.”

The key event to trigger all this was the deal between Russia, England, China, France, the United States, Germany and Iran to ensure Iran had the right to peacefully develop nuclear power without developing nuclear bombs. The fact of the matter is, according to two members of the Iranian Royal Family, that the Bush family sold neutron bomb tipped nuclear missiles to Iran years ago. The Iranians tried to give the weapons back to the Obama regime but were rebuffed, according to senior CIA sources.

In any case, the Iran nuclear accord means that a 30-year old campaign by the Khazarian mafia and their slave politicians in Washington and Tel Aviv to use Iran to start a world war has ended.

There is a huge ongoing attempt by the Khazarian mafia in Washington to try to overturn the agreement with Iran but, Senators and Congressmen who try to betray their own people will find themselves facing criminal charges of treason and accepting bribes from Israel, a foreign country.

Now US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is visiting Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to “read the riot act,” according to Pentagon sources. What Carter is going to tell war-criminal Benyamin Netanyahu is that now that the Iranian nuclear issue has been settled Russia, the Vatican, the Pentagon, the EU, the Chinese etc. are demanding that Israel dismantle its own rogue nuclear program, the sources say.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the deal “will contribute to fighting terrorism in the Middle East,” as well as “assisting in strengthening global and regional security, global nuclear non-proliferation” and “the creation in the Middle East of a zone free from weapons of mass destruction.”

These public statements from Putin were backed up by a Russian White Dragon Society Member who said, “Russia is not going to take over from the United States as protector of Israel because it is not in our interests to do so.”

The push against the Khazarian mafia is a US military industrial complex and Russian co-production that has forced house slave acting-President Obama to read an entirely new script. The Chinese are taking a passive but supportive role in this campaign, Chinese and Pentagon sources say.

There is now a big push to either deny Netanyahu a visa to visit the UN in September or else to arrest him for war crimes when he arrives, multiple sources say. The same is true for many members of the Saudi rogue regime.

Furthermore, the Pentagon and its allies are pushing for an end to US military aid to Israel because it is against US law to send arms to a country (ie Israel) that is going against the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Not only that, recently the Israelis have been actively using or trying to use nuclear weapons in Syria, Yemen, the Ukraine and elsewhere. However, for years the Pentagon has been putting back doors into weapons they have sold to Israel and Saudi Arabia meaning they can and are being be neutralized when needed.

Senior members of the Khazarian mafia for years have been trying to co-opt the Chinese by selling them Western military technology and offering them the chance to “rule the world,” so long as the Khazarians can be their bankers. However, the Chinese are fully aware it was the Khazarians who were behind the opium wars and who armed Japan so that it would invade China and steal their gold.

The result is that the BRICS alliance, the Vatican, Europe, the Pentagon and most world power centers are now clearly aligned against the Khazarian mafia.

The Saudi Arabians already got the message and arrested 421 members of the Khazarian fake ISIS terror group just prior to Carter’s visit to show they were willing to flip against the Khazarians.

The same is true of Nigeria, where top military brass have been purged of officers who accepted money from the Khazarians to finance the obscurantist and violent Boko Haram (Books are banned) movement.

In the United States meanwhile, a bizarre news item put out claimed that George Bush Sr. “broke a bone in his neck,” but that he was in “fair condition.”


According to Pentagon sources Bush was attacked because his CIA drug mafia had allowed Joaquim “El Chapo” Guzman to escape from a high security prison just before he was to be extradited to the United States and forced to testify against the drug dealing branch of the CIA. However, a senior CIA source who actually worked with Bush said “Bush has been dead for months.” The Pentagon is now on the war path against the drug dealing faction of the CIA but, unless they legalize and regulate drugs, they will find it a losing battle.

When we see Bush/Clinton crime gang bosses like Hitlery Clinton and Jeb Bush publicly arrested and perp walked on charges of murder, etc. then we will know the purge has really begun to bite to the bone.

In any case, the Khazarian mafia is continuing to bluster and threaten. The most outrageous recent move has been the establishment of a so-called Jewish tribunal that is going to try Pope Francis.

Here is part of their letter:

“Because the Vatican recognized the organization known as the Palestinian Authority as a nation, and has begun to refer to it as a nation in its documents. His honor has named the head of said authority as an ‘Angel of Peace’, as was explained by a spokesman for the Vatican, that his intention was to encourage Abu Mazen to advance towards peace.

These actions, to our great dismay, are consistent with a long series of actions and stances that are as in the days of the Roman Catholic Religion, that swore to persecute Israel because we refused to accept their Messiah as the Messiah of Israel.”

This self-appointed court “shall judge the Vatican… and place responsibility on the Vatican for all the outcomes of its actions.”


We know that in recent years the Khazarians have made several threats to attack Rome with nuclear weapons and this letter is yet another veiled threat by these superstitious fanatics to do the same thing. These people, by their own words, claim they are the same group who condemned Jesus Christ to death.

The problem they face this time is that there is no equivalent to the Roman army (such as the Pentagon) left for them to manipulate into carrying out their will. In any case, it is a historical and genetic fact that Ashkenazi Jews originated in central Asia and that the Palestinians are the genuine descendants of the inhabitants of the ancient nation of Judea.

The message to the Europeans who have been brain-washed into Babylonian Satan worship disguised as Judaism (ie Talmudic Jews) is that “the truth shall set you free.”

More and more revelations about the mass brainwashing of Europeans using ancient human slave herding texts will be coming out over the coming months as humanity is finally freed from the long nightmare of Satan worshipping Hyksos human sheep herding.

While the worldwide take-down of the Khazarian mafia is expected to accelerate over the coming months, other world events also need to be examined.

One big issue has been the Japanese government’s decision to allow the Japanese armed forces to participate in defensive overseas military campaigns. This is part of an ongoing Pentagon move to try to create genuine world peace by joining all the world’s defense forces into a single planetary defense and peace-keeping organization.

The Russians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Australians and others are already in agreement with this. This force will not be used for illegal colonial wars of aggression and occupation.

Nonetheless, the Chinese, Indians and others are waiting for international organizations like the UN and the World Court to stop being instruments of Western imperialism and to become genuine representatives of the people of the world before they are willing to cede any more sovereignty to supra-national organizations such as a world peace keeping force.

In other words, there is a genuine interest in world peace, ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and starting a new age but, there is no consensus for a fascist New World Order.

There is also a lot going on that cannot be reported at this time. However, Illuminati Grand-Master Alexander Romanov has been freed from involuntary incarceration in a Japanese mental hospital. This was a result of high-level pressure placed on the Japanese government and shows that a fundamental power shift has taken place here. In other words, the Khazarians have lost control of Japan.

There are also important meetings taking place this week involving the Chinese, the Russians, various marital arts societies, the illuminati, the White Dragon Society, the Freemasons and other groups. These groups all want to return the control of the financial system to the people.

Benjamin Fulford – July 13, 2015: Full scale cyber war erupts in wake of Greek default, Pentagon takes on Khazarian mafia
via:  www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM
The Greek default has triggered major cyber and information warfare that raged across the world last week. The warfare involved banks, defense firms, major stock markets, telecommunications firms and more.
For example, the July 8th cyber-attack that shut down the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines and several mobile phone companies was retaliation for an American attack on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, according to Chinese and Pentagon sources. “This was just a dry run,” the Pentagon sources said.
The Greek default essentially bankrupted the IMF, the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Board, even though the officials of these agencies are still ignoring this elephant in their room and pretending it is not so. However, the reason they are ignoring a Greek No vote and threatening the Greek government with violence unless they loot Greece to save them is because they simply do not have the money needed to keep Greece or themselves going. As we will discuss further later down, the Greek situation is rapidly morphing into full scale revolution.
In any case, the bankruptcy of these institutions was followed by the formal $200 billion start of the BRICS bank and BRICS financial stabilization fund. The BRICS invited Greece to join them but, of course, the BRICS bank is not about to bail out the criminal Western banks that looted Greece, it will only help the Greek people.
The Khazarian controllers of the Federal Reserve Board, angered by the BRICS bank, were the instigators of the attack on the Chinese stock markets, pentagon sources say. This burst a bubble, leading to a 40% decline in Chinese stocks before the government intervened and suspended most stock trading. The Chinese counter-attack shut down the New York Stock Exchange etc. This was then, according to pentagon sources, followed by weather warfare as a major typhoon was sent crashing directly into Shanghai, forcing the evacuation of a million people.
The Pentagon summoned Khazarian house slave acting-president Obama on Monday to tell him they have just upped upgraded their military relations with Vietnam “to a strategic level.” In other words, the Vietnamese will work with the Americans to hold back the Chinese. Despite rhetoric against Russia, the Pentagon is already working with the Russians to make sure China keeps in line, the sources said. Obama was told in no uncertain terms that he was to stop “poking the bear” and to concentrate on the main enemy, which is the Khazarian mafia, and the potential enemy, which is China.
There is now an informal truce between the Pentagon and the Chinese because the Chinese stopped building up military facilities in the South China Sea. The Pentagon and the Chinese are now concentrating on the real enemy which is the Khazarian mob. As a part of a campaign to discredit the Khazarians, Obama was forced to admit publicly that his government (the Khazarian controlled state department faction) was “training ISIL (ISIS).” Obama Slips Up: “We’re Training ISIL”
This was part of the major ongoing Pentagon campaign against Israel and the Khazarian mob. In another part of this, Pentagon and agency hackers released a video, that has gone viral, showing the filming of a fake ISIS beheading.
Khazarian war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel also had his private phones hacked to release information he was directly involved in the ISIS terror campaign. Even more deadly for Netanyahu’s criminal regime was a hacking of Israeli military systems that disabled Israeli patriot missile defenses. News stories have talked about German patriot missile batteries being hacked.
However, it is the hacking of the Israeli systems that left that country completely exposed to Iranian and other missiles. The message is very clear: “stop your regional trouble-making or else be destroyed.”
In addition to this, the Saudi Arabian regime is, with Pentagon arm twisting, continuing to purge all Bush and Israeli agents out of power. Long term foreign minister Saud Al Faisal, his brother Tikri, Intelligence Chief Bandar Bush and many more are being cut as that frantic regime tries to change its stripes in order to survive. They are trying desperately to prevent a complete American alignment with Iran that would leave them without any real protector in the Middle East. In other words, they fear bloody revolution which is why so many Saudi princes have already abandoned that country. The Saudis and other Gulf monarchies have been buying and stashing away all the silver they can get their hands on so that they can keep some of their fortunes in the event of a regime change and subsequent freeze of their bank accounts. Here you can see a chart showing how oil is being converted into silver.
Also, JP Morgan and Citibank have engaged in a massive selling of silver futures (ie paper silver) in order to drive down the price. The result has been that the paper price of silver has plunged even as the US mint has run out of silver coins.
In other words, these mega-banks are losing the ability to use their super-computers to control the price of real world goods like silver.
This move into commodities by the big Rockefeller and Bush banks comes as the Khazarian banking system faces unprecedented attack. Goldman Sachs, for example, has been exposed as a criminal organization by the Greek Debt Truth Commission.
This group has shown that Goldman Sachs and other banks fraudulently inflated Greek government debt numbers by doing such things as creating fake losses by hospitals. The fraudulent Greek debt is now being used as a tool to loot real Greek assets like islands, ports, utilities etc. According to British MI5 intelligence, former Goldman Sachs employee and now European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi was the mastermind behind this Greek looting plan. We can thus understand why former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would publicly refer to Goldman Sachs as a life-sucking vampire. Yanis Varoufakis on Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs.
The situation has become such that even if the entire Greek parliament and their families are threatened with death by the Khazarians, the latest opinion polls show close to 80% of the Greek people will not accept any failure by the Greek parliament to respect their No vote to the EU gangsters.
The Pentagon sources say the Greek drachmas are already in use and that a Greek exit from the Euro was inevitable. What is now coming is bank failures caused by credit default swaps (ie guarantees that Greece would not default), the sources say.
There is also more big trouble coming for JP Morgan, according to the Pentagon sources. They say JP Morgan has sold twice as many US government bonds as were actually issued. In other words, they sold fraudulent US government bonds in order to keep themselves afloat, the sources say.
There is further trouble brewing for the Bush/Rockefeller Japanese slave government. Last week a secret ruling committee of the Japanese government rejected a White Dragon Society proposal to set up a future planning agency with a budget of $7 trillion. They could not start the new agency because of “Freemason and illuminati interference,” according to a Japanese royal family source.
However, the Japanese government is being presented with water-proof documentation that it owes 30 trillion of dollars for looted Manchu gold, according to Chinese sources. The Japanese tried to postpone settling its gold debt until the autumn but they are being pressed to act before then, the sources said. Forcing the Japanese to pay this debt would bankrupt the Rockefeller, Bush secret controllers of the Japanese slave regime. That is why slave Prime Minister Abe is being sent on an emergency begging mission to China in September.
On a final note, a Russian agent contacted with WDS last week and provided detailed information about exactly how the Ukrainian “Maidan” revolution really took place. The agent infiltrated the Maidan revolt by showing up pretending to be a student. He was told to go to a US State Department run front organization where young protesters were given free food and shelter and paid 25 euros per day. In addition to this, according to the agent, “we were given all the free drugs we wanted.” He said the Maidan protesters consisted almost entirely of stoned youth between the ages of 17 and 25. So there you have it, the US State Department handing out drugs and money to overthrow a democratically elected regime.
This same Khazarian rogue Washington DC regime has been found to be hacking into computers and planting kiddie porn. This explains why so many whistleblowers and other “trouble makers” have been fraudulently arrested for having child pornography.
What do you do about a government that pushes illegal drugs, finances terrorism, uses kiddie porn and other tricks to arrest innocent people and steals money from 99% of the population? The answer is clear, we need a revolution. The revolution may have already started in Greece, the cradle of democracy. We need to make sure it spreads until the heart of world darkness, Washington DC, is cleansed and the Republic of the United States of America is restored. This will remove the world’s leading cause of terrorism, war and mayhem.
Montague Keen – July 12, 2015

There is much confusion in your world and it is all designed to hold you hostage to the forces which are now pushing for complete control. They realise that their only hope of success is to strike now, while many of you are still asleep. You MUST reclaim your free will. Do the Soul Contract Revocations; these will ensure that you free yourselves.
[Andrew Bartzis and Bradley Love have made them available to you on their web sites.]

Soul Contracts were used to trap you in the digital sacred geometry system, as well as the physical sacred geometry system which OVERLAYS THE NATURAL EARTH LEY LINES.

I HAVE ASKED MANY TIMES THAT YOU WORK ON FREEING THIS SACRED ENERGY FOR HUMANITY. There are 32 obelisks, plus sacred geometry buildings, where this energy is stored. It is in the bricks of government buildings. Go to these places and reclaim your free will. This is the only way that you can rescue humanity from this system of domination and control. You can do this. All it takes is the will to do it. You have everything to gain if you take these steps to unlock their control grid.

You know so little of the Earth that you live on. It has been kept from you. Your minds are interacting with the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE belief systems. It is this system that is trying to prevent you from working on the ley lines. IT IS THEIR LAST LINE OF DEFENCE. I ask you to go to government buildings, banking establishments, war memorials, and all that is linked to the sacred geometry system. Read your Contract Revocation in front of them. Say “I do not consent to your energy harvesting. I am a sovereign being. I take back my power from you.” They cannot harm you, unless you give them permission to do so. It is time to demand the truth.

CERN is a tool for DOMINATION and CONTROL; a fortress that broadcasts belief systems around the world. Project Bluebeam will produce images in your skies which you will be asked to believe are GOD; CHRIST coming to save you. The chemtrails have made your skies ready to become a huge screen. The foolish will fall on their knees and believe what they are shown. The wise and aware will see it for what it is, and refuse to go along with it. These plans have always been there. They have to make their intentions known to you. So they obscure them, hoping that you will not notice them.

Their plans to get rid of the white race began with the carefully organised HOLOCAUST in Ireland in 1845. They told you it was a famine. It wiped out millions of Irish people. Those who were able, fled to other countries.

World War I was inflicted on Europe. It wiped out many millions of people, including the English, Scottish, Welsh, and many Irish also. World War II was then forced on the people. They believed the propaganda. They thought they died for their country. Now World War III is being pushed on you, but you are a little wiser now, and can see through the propaganda. Are you really ready to wipe out your own race?

You were conned into accepting a European Union. This made it so easy for the banks to wipe out countries which hold the same currency. The destruction began with Ireland. Greece is going through unbelievable trauma in an effort to survive. Please send them love and light. Tunisia is being brought to its knees. Since it depends on tourism for its survival, this, their only life-line, has been removed. You will see: they will go into every country to destroy it, in whichever way is most effective.

You are close to the tipping point of consciousness. Connect with your ley lines and sacred places, especially those in Ireland. The Cabal succeeds because they use the energy of the ley lines against you. All you have to do is take back this energy from the ley lines. Take back the energy from the sacred geometry buildings, etc.

REMOTE CLEARING TEAMS could work together very successfully. The parasites are more frightened of you than you could imagine. An awakened humanity is what they fear. This is why, every day, more laws are brought in to enslave you further. Action and commitment is called for. Will you answer the call?

Love is all you need. Love for your fellow man and the Earth that now looks to you for its survival. Safeguard what is yours. The banks will fall; they have planned it. You chose to be on Earth at this time to ensure that humanity survives. The only weapon necessary is LOVE. Your love for humanity and the living Earth which is crying out for your protection. Remember, WAR IS NEVER RIGHT.

To be continued…

13 Men, 13 Kumku. 11 Ik:

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We come on this day with more news about what is happening around you. The complex process of establishing a new financial system is moving forward at its own pace. The BRICS Development Bank is operating and is open for business as is the Chinese AIIB. These are just the beginnings of what is to come. The operations required to set up a Global Currency Revaluation (GCR) are likewise being readied for its unveiling. A necessary preliminary is the delivery of worldwide prosperity funds. This process is now being discussed by our earthly associates and by us.

It is scheduled to begin once a number of initial humanitarian funds are successfully disbursed. This procedure is moving along nicely and we expect you to see some results shortly. In addition, we are presently devising a way by which we can intervene when it is required. We have already secretly followed a number of fund transfers and discovered how we can, if required, assure successful deliveries. The cabal has, in fact, reached the end of its time to further delay the outcome expected by Heaven.

These first steps toward prosperity and new governance are essential to the overall plan adopted a few months ago by our earthly allies and us. This operation is truly to threaten the illegal and hidden ways by which this global financial system operates. This slow way of reforming this old and highly manipulated financial system cannot be tolerated. We are currently reviewing and discussing a series of ways to trump the cabal and put the new system in place. The cabal scheduled a number of meetings to partially ameliorate some of the present system’s faults.

This added patchwork remains unacceptable. It is therefore necessary to explore how this debt-ridden system can be replaced. The American de facto regime is adamant in somehow bolstering this criminal system and using its power to scare off potential opponents. This position is weakening as this seemingly blind regime stares at its near future and sees just how catastrophic this inane policy really is. There is now a movement to sweep this horrendous regime out of the way.

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 6.00.52 PM
As you can see, we are beginning to take a more active role. Our earthly allies have maintained an attitude that this revolution was strictly up to them. This quiet revolution is happening because we have prevented the cabal from instituting a global “crackdown” on the resistance forces. This has permitted many in the Light’s coalition to proceed with a number of affidavits, which made possible the actions that are only just beginning to manifest. Our position at all times is to represent the greater good.

The alliance with our earthly families and various dedicated individuals has been peppered with a kind of factionalism that is permeated by a need for limits in how our earthly allies approach each issue. Up till now, we have maintained a relatively neutral position as to how we proceed. We have been instructed by Heaven to set up some deadlines. This we intend to do. A number of deliveries are occurring. We intend to see them successfully delivered. It has taken too long for a proper timetable to be duly executed by all. Our purpose is to do what is necessary to move quickly toward the main landings scenario.

Last time, we briefly discussed some of your ancient history. Initially, this was a standard Galactic Federation colonial procedure. We harmonized the global ecology, established an Inner Earth residence and were preparing to move the human population to this newly completed Inner Earth realm. The difference was to be the Atlanteans. The star nations of the Pleiades were long the center for many stages of the Galactic Wars. Another was in the belt of Orion.

The larger skirmishes occurred in these two places. Many of the original Atlantean colonists were those who adopted a strange method for resolving certain issues with the dark Ancharians. They sort of cooperated with the dark. This methodology was to greatly conflict with the plan devised by our global councils. This came to a head when Atlantis decided to claim dominance of the surface realms. This sudden unwarranted attack forced the global councils to abandon the migration to Inner Earth. Thus, you have been resigned to live in this awkward position of adapting to the nuances of these surface realms.

To be continued…
 Preparing for the Currency Collapse. 15th July 2015.

01 – Preparing for the Currency Collapse. 14th July 2015.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/0wAobsIGFnQ

Financial Experts are Starting to Openly Talk About the Upcoming Collapse. Here’s What You Can do to Prepare.

02 – The Upcoming Currency Collapse. 23rd June 2015.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/G20Ja9IluP4

03 – How The Coming Dollar Collapse Will Leave Americans Destitute.
Source Link: http://www.offthegridnews.com/financial/how-the-coming-dollar-collapse-will-leave-americans-destitute/

An increasing number of financial experts are saying the United States dollar is no longer a reliable and dependable currency – and that its downfall is inevitable. There are even some experts who think the dollar is so unstable that the Chinese Yuan will soon become the world’s reserve currency, or currency of choice.

“Our addictions to debt and cheap money have finally caused our major international creditors to call for an end to dollar hegemony and to push for a ‘de-Americanized’ world,” investment advisor and financial strategist Micheal Pento wrote in an op-ed piece for CNBC.
Others agree.

“In my view the dollar is about to become dethroned as the world’s defacto currency basically,” Canadian billionaire investor Ned Goodman said. “We’re headed to a period of stagflation, maybe serious inflation, and the United States will be losing the privilege of being able to print at its will the global reserve currency.”

Goodman believes the US already is in another recession. The unemployment numbers are understated and the “real” unemployment number likely is closer to 15 percent, he said.
Over half of 200 international institutional investors surveyed by the Economist think that the Yuan will eventually replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The reserve currency is the money most commonly accepted for international trade.

Why Reserve Currencies Matter

Having money with a reserve currency status enables a nation to dominate and control the world’s financial markets, as their currency is used for international trade and transactions. The US has the ability to maintain a $17 trillion national debt largely because the dollar is the reserve currency.

New book reveals how to keep this “gangster” economy from murdering your money…

A nation with a reserve currency can simply print money to pay its debts.
In past centuries nations such as Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal lost their status as super powers in part when their money lost reserve currency status. Reserve currencies collapse because people no longer trust or believe in the governments that issue them.

Goodman says that the US dollar became the reserve currency in the 1970s because Saudi Arabia agreed to only accept only the dollar as payment for oil. Goodman noted that at least one major producer, Russia, is now accepting Yuan in payment for oil.

Goodman was referring to a deal that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin made last May. Under the terms of deal, Russian companies can borrow money directly from China in exchange for oil.
The US dollar once was backed by gold and silver, Goodman said, but now is “backed by nothing.”

Australia Starts Using Yuan

One of America’s oldest and closest allies may have taken the first step to ending the dollar’s reign as the reserve currency. CNBC reported that the Yuan will now be traded in Australia’s financial markets. Among other things that will let Chinese customers pay Australian firms in Yuan. China is the biggest market for Australia’s exports such as iron and coal.
Story continues below video

Canadian billionaire predicts end of US Dollar as world’s reserve currency – Ned Goodman lecture.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/nX7J8-VTG08

The Australian government has endorsed the deal because China is Australia’s biggest trading partner. Arthur Sinodinos, Australia’s Assistant Treasurer (treasury secretary) even went on CNBC’s Asia Squawk Box show to endorse the deal.

“It’s a big vote of confidence by both countries in the future of the relationship,” Sinodinos said. Not even recent economic problems in China seemed to dampen Sinodinos’ enthusiasm for the arrangement.
“There’s no doubt that the Chinese authorities are having to manage issues in the financial sector to make sure that growth is sustained, but they’ve shown great skill at that in the past they were very adept at the fallout from the global financial crisis,” Sinodinos said. In other words, Sinokinos believes the Chinese are doing a very good job of managing their economy and their currency is reliable.

How will the Dethroning of the Dollar Affect You?

Observers disagree widely on how the end of the dollar’s reign as reserve currency would affect the US economy and average Americans. Retired neurosurgeon and pundit Dr. Ben Carson thinks it would turn the US into a third world nation and lead to unrest that would lead to martial law, as Off The Grid News recently reported.
Goodman believes there will soon be a massive sell off of US dollars that will lead to inflation. He also suggested a way for people to protect their assets.

“The Chinese have three and a half trillion US dollars and they’re spending these dollars as quickly as they can, and it will not be long before the rest of the world and the US will be thinking likewise. I do.” Goodman said.
In the 1930s, everyone wanted US dollars, he said, but today they’re trying to get rid of them. He thinks that many investors are trying to spend all of their dollars to buy hard assets in order to avoid losing money invested in dollars.

That means average people might be able to protect themselves by investing in hard assets such as gold, real estate or silver, Goodman said.

JADE HELM 15′ ~ Youtube comments:
Marcus Triton1 hour ago

The United States government is not “taking over”, they already “took” over. There’s no need to “invade” Texas, the government already controls it. A military spokesman even told the Washington Post that they will not be allowed to observe Jade Helm exercises, or report on them, in any way. Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a spokesman for Army Special Operations Command, said his organization is considering allowing a small number of journalists to view selected portions of the exercise later this summer, but nothing is finalized.” Reasons could include but are not limited to concerns about invasions from the southern border. CNBC reported that Chechnya has threatened to arm Mexico against the US and that there has been international debate over the legal status of US “ownership” of states like California, New Mexico, Arixona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has called for the Texas State Guard to monitor the exercise. – Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana. (condensed)
Greg Half-Day2 hours ago

Everyone needs to know the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Oath of Enlistment, they need to gather and group like never before, neighbors need to know each other and guard duty needs to be enacted. People cannot rely on government, the Governor can be a set-up, a pawn playing his role to make the people not gather, and not be aware – he may move the national guard to one place and then allow the foreign military to strike the people. Trust NO one, including your gov’t, but if the people start protesting the military and telling them to go away, start with that. If they do not respond, cut off your own power and water supplies – because guess what, they need them too! Be prepared to march to the capitols and mayors offices, why do they sit back and watch this play out? Do not shoot the messenger, remember that – Go for the commanders and kings who play games and hide away, go for the politicians and generals and the battle will end. But now is the time to Unite, take over the capitol, Declare Independence and cast out the snakes who play you for fools. Control your own militia and national guard, control and recall all military that enlisted that live or have family in texas, recall all the tanks and planes that texas has bought, which is at least 1/50th of the military and take over the media and banks, set up militia and national guards at the water and power supplies. And end this charade, if you play their game by their rules you will lose – Remember, the law system in America is based on the Declaration of Independence, when you read it, you will know you already have every right to abolish the gov’t. They have NO right to trample the people in such a tyrannical manor, to strip us of our laws, our freedoms, our votes our way of life, everything – they have NO right! They are only legal if they assent to the laws of common man, if they abide by the Declaration of Independence, than we can have a constitution and law system, otherwise, its Anarchy and Abolishment. So if the people do not Unite and control the situation, well, I’m sorry – United we stand, divided we fall – Start with peaceful protests, barricade their moves, protest! If they want to gun up, okay fall back, than re-group, but bait them to learn their true intent. There’s NO reason people cannot protest their own military to leave the town THEY pay the taxes and bills for. The people pay for the governor, mayor, military, banks, its the people, always has been and always will be – Unity, live it, learn it and don’t let them push you around!
Quang Le2 hours ago (edited)

hopefully the patriots in the pentagon can  take back Dulce base from the greys. as well as the sub-global system back from the pedos good luck jade helm special forces operatives. This is gonna be one of the biggest battles of the Dulce wars.

My boss was a Marine. He told me that they would try and break into places like nuclear power plants and other important places, to test their security. He said that JH15 is just a bigger version of something like what he did. He also told me that if the military was ordered to do anything unconstitutional, they would not comply. They are awake, and they are the same as you and I in the end, they are American citizens. I wouldn’t worry about them, but if you see UN/NATO trucks, then worry..
LadyDanielle Zana2 hours ago

what is this all about actually , its freaky shit..
rtbookends Meyer2 hours ago
Jade Helm, is training and getting ready to take on the American people….
I live in san antonio texas. Last night i noticed what i thought was a cessna plane flying in one big circle over my side of town . Well it was flying a very long grid like hours. Well come to realize it was not a manned plane. It was a drone!!Man talk about it all coming true. I actually saw a drone for the first time last night in my city! Never mind all our fourth amendment rights huh? Thats actually quite creepy. Has any one else seen one in thier city??
+jesse rios I actually might have tonight. Sky was super dark but it looked like an aircraft I haven’t seen but resembled a drone almost with odd lights. Oh man…
+TrueKingz I went to go look outside right now before i read your comment and that drone is up there again doing the same thing. I looked at it through my telescope and its definately a drone. Who knows how long its been doing its thing . I noti well actually my daughter saw it first and it just kept flying in circles all night. Man thats some creepy stuff.
+jesse rios Stay safe man and idk if your religious but pray! I have a bad feeling things are coming to a head real soon. Some super weird things in my area as well including what looks like a light beacon of some kind sporadically going off. Tried to get video but its too dark…
+TrueKingz yes i am . Thanks. I know right? It all feels really wierd to actually see all this so close to home coming true. Police state martial law? That jade helm military training started here in the south western united states . Alot of people think it is the beginning if martial law and gun confiscation and Christian persecution. No matter. I trust in Jesus!! Take care friend.
Media blackout?… They don’t want to give away any of their strategies… or allow the media to see something more diabolical?
We just had military choppers fly over us here in Kaukauna,Wisconsin
everyone HAVE THEIR ‘ RECORDING’ devices ready? MORE THAN ONE? have you bought ‘ HUNTING’ cameras ‘ for your yard? do you have police ‘ scanner’ to listen to what’s going on in your area? try and have more than one device on you at all times,
patjitsu1 hour ago

did you hear? about that military service member that was asked to leave a super America gas station in Bloomington minnesota because she offend the cab drivers while in uniform. Then the next day another veteran walked into the store in uniform and was asked to leave from the regional manager
While your keeping an eye in the South West. I’d be keeping an eye in the north East, New York area. Another distraction to keep you looking in one direction when you should be looking at the other.
They will wake up when they will come knocking on their doors  and throwing them in dungeons too busy watching their reality tv in USA  it is not even funny anymore
ARKANSAS FEMA CAMPS Ft. Chaffee (near Fort Smith, Arkansas) – Has new runway for aircraft, new camp facility with cap of 40,000 prisoners Pine Bluff Arsenal – This location also is the repository for B-Z nerve agent, which causes sleepiness, dizziness, stupor; admitted use is for civilian control. Jerome – Chicot/Drew Counties – site of WWII Japanese camps Rohwer – Descha County – site of WWII Japanese camps Blythville AFB – Closed airbase now being used as camp. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. Classic decorations – guard towers, barbed wire, high fences. Berryville – FEMA facility located east of Eureka Springs off Hwy. 62. Omaha – Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.
Khoi Ha27 minutes ago

 I do believed why jade helm will happen if only the economic collapse, when economic collapse a lot of peoples will act chaos and that the reason why jade helm come in to eliminated peoples might create chaos.
Jade Helm is being run from Florida Pan handle. This is what I heard from Joe Bigg’s on the Alex Jones Show.
Carl Hunt3 hours ago

According to Army Times, JH15 is going to be in FL, MS, LA, TX, UT, NM and AZ.
melodie gustafson1 hour ago

 agree! If we stay connected best we can. That way we all know what is kinda going on. I believe in God and know this all has to be unfortunately. He, God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching and listening, he has His children in His hands. Trust, have faith, He knows and is close to all of us. God bless, hugs. Stay strong.
Plissa Barrett (Kimchi Gerbil)3 hours ago

Awwwww! Fuck! Something is afoot. What are they expecting? I feel so bad for those poor folks they will be inconviencing! Keepup the good work, appreciate  your hard work. Be safe!
William Claypoole3 hours ago

I already have footage of helicopter activity in Central Pennsylvania. Very odd activity. I posted it on my Facebook page. My Camera work isn’t great, but it gets the point across. It stopped traffic on a main road, people out looking at it all, local police sweeping back and forth when it was going down. It took placed for over and hour and a half outside my house.
TrueKingz48 minutes ago

This is exactly what im wondering and why im kinda freaking out. Theres almost zero coverage of this despite me seeing several unusual military craft in the sky and obviously others reporting strange things as well in other states. Social media is a dead zone with 80% of the talk mocking the whole thing and calling people tin foil hats who are skeptical. There is a total blackout of coverage on this… RED ALERT!

IMF Sabotages Greek Bailout?

Source Link: https://adask.wordpress.com/…/…/imf-sabotages-greek-bailout/

After months and even years of wrangling, and at virtually the last possible moment, the Greek government recently capitulated to creditors’ (outrageous) demands.
Strangely, within hours of the Greek government’s surrender the IMF released a report which Reuters describe in, “Analysis: IMF threat to pull out of Greek bailout challenges Germany”:

“The International Monetary Fund’s threat to pull out of bailouts for Greece unless European partners grant Athens massive debt relief poses a stark challenge to Germany, the biggest creditor, which insists on IMF involvement in any future rescue . . . . [The IMF is] saying in essence that Greece will never be able to repay its debt mountain, . . . .

“The report’s conclusion that Greece needs debt relief “on a scale that would need to go well beyond what has been under consideration to date” . . . . To avoid big writedowns, Greece would have to be given either a 30-year grace period before it starts servicing or repaying all European loans, present and future, or large fiscal transfers by the euro zone.”

In other words, the only ways the current Greek debt deal can work is if 1) Greece is allowed to wait 30 years before it starts paying off its debt; or, 2) European creditors will have to lend Greece hundreds of billions of additional euros to allow Greece to repay its existing debt now.

Either way, Greece is broke, hasn’t paid its major debts in at least five years and won’t be able to repay existing debt for another 30 years. Greece is in default. Greece is bankrupt, although its creditors refuse to admit that fact.

“Merkel’s strategy, which debt-restructuring lawyers often call “extend and pretend”, seems likely to prevail for now.

“But if problems continue to pile up for the Greek economy and Athens falls behind in implementing the tough conditions just to start the new loan negotiations, the IMF’s insistence on debt relief will grow more compelling.”

“Compelling”? There’s nothing “compelling” about the IMF’s “insistence” on debt relief.

The IMF’s “insistence” isn’t an attempt at persuasiveness. It’s not a cogent argument.

It’s a statement of facts. It’s a mathematical certainty that: 1) Greece can’t pay its existing debts. Not today. Not next year. Probably not for 30 years, if ever; and, 2) Greece’s creditors are holding €345 billion in paper debt instruments that are already virtually worthless.

The creditors’ attempt to maintain the illusion that Greece will somehow, someway, someday repay its debts is as silly as holding on to Confederate money after the Civil War and promising that the “South will rise again”.

No it won’t. And even if it the South does rise again, it will never make the Confederate money of the Civil War era regain any value.

Same thing is true with the paper debt instruments (bonds) issued by Greece and held by Germany, the ECB, IMF and other governmental and private creditors. Greece will not rise again—at least not high enough to repay its existing debts.

The existing Greek bonds are about as worthless as Confederate paper dollars.

Why does the fiction that Greece will pay its debt persist? The likely reason is that they’re being used as collateral by various banks—perhaps at a fractional reserve banking ration of 20 to 1. I.e., for every euro held in the bank vaults, the banks can lend up to 20 euros to borrowers. For example, if the banks are holding €345 billion worth of Greek bonds in their vaults, they might’ve loaned out up to twenty times that sum—€7 trillion—to bank customers.

If that were, the Greek bonds present a big problem. If the world and/or the banks holding those €345 billion Greek bonds admits that those bonds are worthless, the banks holding those bonds as collateral for €7 trillion in loans might have to call in those €7 trillion. The impact on the economy of the EU and even world, could be devastating.

That’s probably the reason the creditors have insisted that we continued to pretend that the remaining €345 in Greek bonds are still valuable.

Or, maybe the creditors holding Greek bonds are hoping that they’ll be able to sell them to some greater fool.

But that’s not going to happen.

What’s going to happen . . . what’s already happened if anyone has the courage to face facts . . . is that Greece isn’t going to pay its remaining €345 billion debt and Greece’s creditors are holding €345 billion worth of worthless paper.

So far, so plausible.

• But there’s still a large and recent mystery hanging over the Greek tragi-comedy.

Just a few days ago, when the terms of the most recent agreement between Greece and her creditors were first publicized, virtually everyone agreed that the creditors demands were so harsh, so brutal, that Greece couldn’t possibly accept its terms.

In fact, many political commentators speculated that the creditors terms were so brutal that they were probably intended to prevent Greece from agreeing. In essence, the creditors made Greece an offer that it had to refuse. Some speculated that the creditors had had enough of Greece’s antics and wanted to end the farce, no matter what.

Virtually everyone was shocked when, instead of telling the creditors to go to Hell, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras capitulated and accepted the creditors’ brutal terms.

But, within hours of Tsipras’ agreement to endure the unendurable, the IMF issued the report (previously described by Reuters) that indicated that the proposed deal couldn’t possibly work because Greece couldn’t possibly repay the existing debt. For the deal to work, creditors would have to agree to write even more of the existing debt than had ever been previously proposed and they’d have to give Greece a 30-year “grace period” to make good on the debt.

In doing so, the IMF brought up issues and conclusions that could’ve been presented at any time for the past six months—and, at the very last moment, appears to have torpedoed the first “agreement” that people had managed to reach for months.

It was like telling a six-year old girl that somebody had run over her puppy and squashed if flat as a pancake just as she was about to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Really? You had to tell her now, just before we were going to take picture of her and the cake?

Really? The IMF had to sabotage the Greek debt agreement at the last possible moment?

The IMF timing seemed incomprehensible. Yes, the agreement was unworkable. Anyone with an IQ of 90 knows that’s so. But did the IMF have to rub everyone’s nose in it just because they were being brutally honest? Didn’t they know that their report could prevent any agreement? It’s hard to imagine that the IMF acted out of unbridle honesty or ignorance of their report’s likely consequences.

And so we have a mystery.

For the moment, I’m left to wonder if the IMF was simply (and finally) being brutally honest. I’m also left to wonder why they weren’t brutally, mathematically honest a week ago or six months ago?

I’m wondering if the IMF released its report at what may be the final critical moment out of ignorance and incompetence or malice.

I’m left to wonder if the IMF hasn’t been secretly working all along to prevent the Greek debt deal from ever being consummated.

Remember? The most recent agreement was so draconian that many private observers suspect that the creditors had intentionally drafted an agreement that Greek Prime Minister Tsipras couldn’t possibly accept. What if those suspicions were correct?

What if Tsipras shocked everyone by agreeing to terms that guaranteed his loss of office and Greece’s loss of sovereignty?

What would the Powers That Be (and/or the IMF) do then to sabotage the deal?

Suddenly issue a new report that declared that the new deal couldn’t possibly work?

Was this most recent IMF report intended to torpedo the most recent, and perhaps last, “agreement”?

If so, why would the IMF (said to be a creature of the United States government) want the third Greek bailout agreement to fail? Does the IMF and/or US want an economic debacle that cripples the EU and perhaps the world but can be blamed on Greece?

It is a puzzlement.

All of my questions and suspicions may be answered and resolved within hours after I publish this article. The deal may go through. The IMF report may be ignored.

But until that resolution takes place, I know that:

1) About 72 hours ago, the creditors produced an ultimatum that Greece couldn’t possibly accept; and,

2) When Greece did accept the agreement about 36 hours ago, the IMF issued a new report within hours that warned that the proposed agreement couldn’t possibly succeed.

For the moment, it looks to me as if someone (apparently the IMF and/or the US government) doesn’t want the Greek bailout #3 to succeed.

If so, Why would the IMF/US seek to derail the Greek bailout?

That question is another puzzlement.

If the question is valid, the answer can’t be benign.


Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back. A new day is rising for humanity as those who have planned for complete control are now being exposed, cornered and investigated from many different angles. There is no need to buy into the fear-based propaganda the major media and even several alternative media outlets dispense. Very good things are happening and even better things are coming. Let’s take a look at some of the major stories that have occurred in the last 8 weeks alone. Piecing the puzzle together, we see that the jig is up and the events surrounding it are growing in size and speed.

1. 57 Nations approved as founding members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Notable countries who signed on June 29th, 2015 include Russia, India, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Indonesia, the UK, Italy and Austria. Notables who did not join are the U.S. and Japan.

2. May 12th, 2015: Russia asks Greece to join the BRICS Alliance. Notice the BRICS trend in the stories to follow.

3. May 24th, 2015: The Pentagon released documents to Judicial Watch, a government watchdog law firm,
proving that the US Government played a central role in creating ISIL. Interestingly, the mainstream media failed to cover this story. A few weeks later, ex US Intelligence officials confirm the report.

4. May 31st, 2015: Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras writes an open letter, warns European leaders they are “making a grave mistake,” and suggests they re-read Hemingways’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls.”

5. June 2nd, 2015: The U.S. Federal Government was hacked as the personal data of 4 million current, former and prospectiveemployees believed to have been breached. 3 weeks later FBI Director James Comey told US Senators the actual number could be 18 million. Some believe the hack was coordinated to gather further evidence
of crimes by certain government officials. More on that further down.


6. June 2nd, 2015: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul calls for the U.S. Government to declassify 28 pages in the 9/11 attack report that the Bush Administration blacked out.

7. June 3rd, 2015: Famous musician Akon announces his Solar Academy will bring solar power to over 600 million people in Africa. A major victory for clean energy and humanity.

8. June 4th, 2015: Whistle-blower Edward Snowden says a “profound difference” had occurred since releasing the NSA documents and that the balance of power has shifted in our world.  Is he referring to the BRICS Alliance?

9. June 5th, 2015: “There Will Be A Reset of The Financial Industry.” The International Monetary Fund says the Chinese yuan is no longer undervalued. This sets the stage for the yuan to be recognized as a global reserve currency, something the U.S. Dollar (which is backed by war and oil) does not like.

10. June 7, 2015: Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest banks, co-CEO’s Jain and Fitschen resign. Two days later, German prosecutors raided the Bank’s headquarters in a criminal tax-fraud probe.

11. June 15, 2015: China says the G-7 Summit in Germany was a “gathering of debtors.” They mean this literally as the Bretton Woods western financial system is based on debt. And in fact, the entire western financial system has been running illegally and is technically bankrupt. For more on the real history of Bretton Woods and its connection to JFK, The Global Collateral Accounts and the gold standard, read here.

12. June 17th, 2015 is quite the day with the next four stories all being reported at that time. First, JP Morgan’s number 2, the Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee, suddenly and unexpectedly passes over. Since late 2013, the list of high-level banking officials to have passed over has grown to 70. Clearly, something is happening.


13. June 17, 2015: Russia and China announced that all natural gas and crude oil sales between
the two countries will now be done in Chinese yuan( formerly the U.S. Dollar) and will be convertible into Russian Rubles. The U.S. Dollar hegemony is waning.

14. June 17, 2015: The State of Texas has signed a bill that calls for the repatriation of their gold from the Federal Government. When asked what would happen if the government tried to steal back the gold, State Representative Giovanni Capriglione said this: There is a motto in the office of almost every state legislator in Texas, and it’s a flag that we have [from the Texas Revolution], it’s below a cannon and what the motto says is, “Come and Take it.”

15. June 17, 2015: Greece’s Hellenic Parliament’s Debt Truth Committee released a report stating that the debt Greece “owes” is illegal, illegitimate and odious, according to international law. Further, they stated the IMF and ECB ( European Central Bank) having illegally and knowingly imposed these illegitimate debts upon Greece and other nations. A direct call out to the global banking cartel.

16. June 18th, 2015: Baron David de Rothschild has been indicted by a French court over financial fraud. French police have been ordered by the court to track down Baron. The Rothschild family has long been viewed as the family sitting atop the global financial ponzi scheme. Lawyer Antonio Flores told reporters, ” it’s a real breakthrough moment for everyone involved.”

17. June 18, 2015: In a 2-1 ruling, the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals says Bush era officials can be held liable for detaining innocent people after the 9/11 attack. Will this lead to some major arrests?

18. June 19, 2015: While European leaders try to save face on the debt crisis, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was in Russia and gave a speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, stating that “the economic center of the planet has already shifted” and that new powers are playing an “important role on an economic and geopolitical level.” * Reread story header number 8…BRICS, anyone? Oh, and Greece and Russia signed a €2 billion gas pipeline deal that day too…a strategic economic and geopolitical game-changer.

19. July 5th, 2015: Greece votes “NO” to the creditors’ bailout offer. This is a massive stance for humanity that Greece just took against the banking elite. As of this writing, a “deal” has been reached but is expected to fall apart in the coming days. Kicking the can down the road does not solve the issue, but rather speeds up the revolution mindset of many frustrated Greek citizens. September/October is when many financial experts are saying that some fireworks are to be expected.

20. July 7th, 2015: The BRICS Bank officially opens for business.

21. July 8th, 2015: On this day, several strange events occurred. The NYSE was taken down for multiple hours, the Wall Street Journal was taken offline just after the stock exchange went down, United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights nationwide due to computer “issues,” and 2,500 people losing power in Washington D.C. This whistle-blower journalist just wrote that his Pentagon sources said the Pentagon/BRICS Alliance took it down as a “dry run.”

22. July 7th, 2015: Backing up one day we see that the hacking group Anonymous tweeted this on the evening prior to the stock exchange hack: Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street….we can only hope. 
David Wilcock has previously written a detailed document stating that Anonymous is working with certain patriotic US Military forces to legally take down the banking elite.. This aligns nicely with what the whistle-blower journalist, Benjamin Fulford, just wrote this week about the Pentagon and BRICS Alliance in the previous story.

23. July 14th, 2015: Iran, China, Russia, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. reach a historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program. Entire books could be written on the geopolitical, financial and technological implications of this move. There are also reports that the reality of this situation is that Iran has free energy technology and will be using this to help bring down the banking/political/oil industry elite. This would make sense as the strongest opponents to this deal have been Israel and its Prime Minister and several American politicians like the Bushes, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

24. July 15th, 2015: Santa Cruz County votes to stop doing business with 5 major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS. Watch this set off a chain reaction in those who will follow suit.

25. Now: You are here on the planet at this time to make a wonderful contribution. Please continue playing your role for the benefit of us all.

It is clear that something big is happening. Use this information to move forward with optimism and hope. Share with your friends. Discuss with your friends. Continue to search and dig for the truth. Two people I strongly suggest the reader looking into are Benjamin Fulford, the whistleblower who was the Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine and is listed in stories number 21 and 22, and Neil Keenan, who is working with many well connected sources to open up the global collateral accounts. These accounts are what President Kennedy was assassinated over and are what the banking elite does not want the public to know exists. This revolution WILL NOT be televised.
SaLuSa 17 July 2015

Time races on and events on Earth are speeding up, and having been given freewill to decide how to live together you are now experiencing the result of your choices. It is obvious that you cannot sustain the system that you have created, as it crumbles and proves to be inadequate for your needs. Indeed you have so to say that you have been living on borrowed time and it is already becoming obvious that you cannot prevent the breakdown of the Human Race. Age after Age you have tried to establish a thriving population, yet at the same time have failed to bring along the poorest nations with you. The problems are now so huge that it is too late to prevent the outcome that is the disintegration of the old systems. In other words you will be forced to change your ways if you wish to overcome the problems that you have created. It will be a painful process but will result in a new way of living together, where the vibrations have been lifted to the point where negativity is practically non-existent. Then you will see the true way harmony and peace can be sustained, and people can live without fear. We can assure you that it is possible, and as the vibrations continue to speed up, you will not have too long to experience some positive changes. The dark Ones are no longer allowed to dictate how your future works out, and their plan for total domination is now unworkable.

We ask you to keep faith with those amongst you who are working towards the beneficial changes, knowing that it is difficult to introduce them whilst chaotic conditions remain unchecked. For a very long time new innovations that would make your lives easier have been prevented from going ahead, but they cannot be held back for much longer. Once it is time to release new ideas progress will be made very quickly, and when it is safe for us to openly come amongst you we will be able to do more for you or with you. There is much waiting to be released that will lift you up very quickly and you will realise that the New Age is well underway. You will take a quantum leap forward in technology that will remove many of the problems that currently hold you back. But for the actions of the dark Ones you would have already been enjoying a higher standard of living, but that will all change in the near future.

As you have noticed the changes are continuing to proceed and bring into being all that is required to move you into the New Age. Mother Earth is playing a big part in them and already the signs are there that indicate what is taking place. The results will be quite dramatic and very much to your liking when you realise that they are beneficial for you. Perhaps the most acceptable changes will be the cleansing of the lands and seas, which have been badly polluted through Mans lack of caring for the planet and other life forms. Regrettably there will be casualties amongst the animal kingdom, but you will realise that they too are subject to the higher vibrations. Your biblical stories tell you of the “Lion laying down with the Lamb” and perhaps you can now understand how it can come about.

To be continued…

Full message at:

(Posted & compiled by Rique Seraphico).

20. July 7th, 2015: The BRICS Bank officially opens for business.

21. July 8th, 2015: On this day, several strange events occurred. The NYSE was taken down for multiple hours, the Wall Street Journal was taken offline just after the stock exchange went down, United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights nationwide due to computer “issues,” and 2,500 people losing power in Washington D.C. This whistle-blower journalist just wrote that his Pentagon sources said the Pentagon/BRICS Alliance took it down as a “dry run.”

22. July 7th, 2015: Backing up one day we see that the hacking group Anonymous tweeted this on the evening prior to the stock exchange hack: Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street….we can only hope.

23. July 14th, 2015: Iran, China, Russia, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. reach a historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program. Entire books could be written on the geopolitical, financial and technological implications of this move. There are also reports that the reality of this situation is that Iran has free energy technology and will be using this to help bring down the banking/political/oil industry elite. This would make sense as the strongest opponents to this deal have been Israel and its Prime Minister and several American politicians like the Bushes, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

24. July 15th, 2015: Santa Cruz County votes to stop doing business with 5 major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS. Watch this set off a chain reaction in those who will follow suit.

25. Now: You are here on the planet at this time to make a wonderful contribution. Please continue playing your role for the benefit of us all.

It is clear that something big is happening. Use this information to move forward with optimism and hope. Share with your friends. Discuss with your friends. Continue to search and dig for the truth.

 via:  http://www.ashtarsheranradio.com/  &  http://www.ashtartv.com/

OPEN your EYES!! = UK’s QUEEN ELIZABETH & hitler were in THE SAME GROUP or even blood related family!!. Therefore the whole World War I & II were other FAKE WARs! Engineered & Funded by the same group 13 dark families!! = illuminati = dark cabal = which obviously hitler & UK’s Queen Elizabeth were/are Family Members of. Make it VIRAL!! Please FWD! FWD! FWD! TY! ❤ TIME to WAKE UP!! >
Britain's Duke of Windsor looks on, as the Duchess of Windsor shakes hands with German leader Adolf Hitler, during a visit to Germany in Munich on October 22, 1937.

Buckingham Palace has criticised the Sun newspaper for publishing footage of the Queen giving the Nazi salute as a child. The palace said that the paper had exploited footage that appeared to have come from the monarch’s personal archives.

The Sun ran an image from the grainy footage from the early 1930s of a young Elizabeth playing with her sister Margaret on its front page on Saturday. The two children are accompanied by their uncle Edward – then Prince of Wales – and their mother in the gardens of Balmoral. The footage shows Elizabeth, at the apparent instigation of both her uncle and her mother, raising her right arm straight in salute to the camera.

A palace spokesman said: “It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from her majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner.”

The film lasts about 17 seconds and shows Elizabeth playing with a dog on the lawn in the gardens of Balmoral, the Sun claims, before she raises an arm to wave to the camera with Margaret. The Queen Mother then makes a Nazi salute and, after glancing towards her mother, Elizabeth mimics the gesture. The Queen Mother repeats the salute, joined by Edward, and Margaret raises her left hand before the two children continue dancing and playing on the grass.

A palace source said: “Most people will see these pictures in their proper context and time. This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary newsreels. No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest.

“The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures. The Queen and her family’s service and dedication to the welfare of this nation during the war, and the 63 years the Queen has spent building relations between nations and peoples, speaks for itself.”

In its leader column, the Sun defended the publication of the video, saying that its focus was not on the young child who would become queen, but on her uncle, who was then heir to the throne. The paper said: “Elizabeth and Margaret are kids. Families of all kinds larked around apeing the stiff-armed antics of the faintly comic character with the Charlie Chaplin moustache who won power in Germany. But Edward, it said, “was already a fan of Hitler – and remained so as late as 1970, long after the Holocaust’s horrors were laid bare”.

Graham Smith, the chief executive of the anti-monarchy group Republic, said: “Obviously, she [Elizabeth] is quite young. Clearly, the footage is quite damaging to the royal family. There is an issue in the fact that they totally control the use of archive footage and this probably has something to do with it. They have always gone out of their way to protect this fairytale image that belies a more questionable family background. But I don’t think anything can be construed from the Queen’s involvement.

“I don’t think it would come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about her uncle that he was sympathetic towards that regime and there have been claims that others within the family held rightwing views. It raises the question about why we can’t hear the Queen’s views so that we can decide whether or not we want her representing us.”

via:  www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM
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Message from the Light Reading on June 26th, 2015 in Vienna
Access Portals to 5D are open!
I am amongst you!
I have come in order to herald to you the good news of
the new reality: From today on the access portals to the
5th dimension and to inner earth, which exists on this
vibrational level, is open!
Each human Being, who from now on wants to be accepted,
will experience this reality and will receive all healings,
which are in waiting or are still outstanding.
High Priest and the Light, which is regularly
revealed to its siblings on upper earth.
Therefore today I acknowledge and affirm the
great gift, which is manifesting in these hours.
(meaning: the „Crystal Cube of Ascension“, which
has been presented during this Light Reading. rem., JJK)
„Crystal Cube from Atlantis“
But what is the special, the extraordinary characteristic
of this gift, the „Crystal Cube from Atlantis“?
They are the abilities and the energies, which emanate from
it, and it is the fact that each human Being, who has activated
this “ascension crystal” and works with it, can experience a
direct encounter with the Ascended Masters, the Archangels
and high Light entities.
The time of uncertainty in these interests is over!
Closeness and intimacy in a new quality can from now
on be experienced with your siblings from the Light.
This is of great significance, because in this certainty,
in this trust, great healings may occur.
From now on you are entirely put into your self-
responsibility and your rebirth occurs in the
countenance of the Light.
Furthermore, this gift means, as it is activated, that you
remain constantly bound to the frequency of the 5th dimension.
This vibrational frequency also means that your awareness will
change rapidly. You will partake of a jump in consciousness to
an unbelievable extent and these 3D and 4D worlds will very
soon be only a shadow, before they will finally dissolve
For today and for this message, the manifestation of the
„Crystal Cube Atlantis“ on upper earth means: that human
Beings can more easily leave this matrix, that they ascend,
whereby they enter into their innermost and experience the
long-desired spiritual upheavals and gain new insights!
You shall know, we in Telos are also outfitted with such
crystals and they render us great, valuable and wonderful
Enjoy this gift; at this time there is not a second
one of this kind on earth.
Beloved Ones,
Now I direct my Light also to the “status of things”,
regarding the developments on upper earth.
“Status of Things”
Know: The dark forces thin out.
More and more shadow entities, greys, dark ones or
representatives from dark levels of this universe must leave
this planet. Even though it may not necessarily look that way
to you, it is a fact. The last deadlines have expired and now
these forces are leaving this earth.
Nonetheless the still existing dark ones stoke fear and they
try to rule mankind by all means. Yet in all corners of this
world this power slips away from them and from now on
this will become more visible to you week by week.
In addition it is to be noticed that the Love vibration
increases on this upper earth.
The Light affects this and it also affects that everything,
which until now has carried out a comfortable and secure
existence in darkness, will and must show itself!
The more revelations come to light, the more
obvious it will appear that one power is at work
here that enables this. And this power is:
God’s Light!
Beloved Ones,
From now on you can enter an entirely new level of
consciousness! What therefore are the requirements,
which are asked of you?
1.) Complete Devotion
2.) Complete Self-Love
3.) Complete Trust in God
4.) Unconditional Love
New Consciousness
We have reached the point in time, when still existing hate
in the hearts of Light warriors and Light entities will be
redeemed on upper earth. Today the maturity of more and
more human Beings is given and the tools are ready for it.
A great time fulfills itself, the return of the living Christ is
being fulfilled, you are being fulfilled and no force in the
world can hinder this.
With today’s date the last still acting systems, which
blocked the Light influx from the Central Sun, have
been removed and are ineffective.
The liberation of the energy from the “Crystal Cube
of Ascension” affects this. This has been the actual
reason and cause for the fact that this manifestation
has been foiled and blocked in such a manner.
It has occurred! The Light has prevailed! Celebrate!
I am with you. I am you.
Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz
more at: www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM
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Statement by the IMF on Greece

Press Release No.15/344
July 20, 2015

Mr. Gerry Rice, Director of Communications at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“I can confirm that Greece today repaid the totality of its arrears to the IMF, equivalent to SDR 1.6 billion (about EUR 2.0 billion). Greece is therefore no longer in arrears to the IMF.

“As we have said, the Fund stands ready to continue assisting Greece in its efforts to return to financial stability and growth.”
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8 8 8 – Magdalene Stargate – July 2015
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Thanks in advanced!

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